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Created by psychologists and VR therapy experts, this comprehensive document contains scientific concepts, benefits, clinical cases, intervention protocols, an overview of a VR Therapy session, clinical studies, and frequently asked questions for VR application in different mental conditions.

You'll learn:

  • An introduction to VR therapy. 
  • Benefits and scientific studies of VR in mental health. 
  • Specific recommendations and user manual for the therapeutic process.
  • A guide on how to prepare a VR Therapy session.
  • Main tools to apply VR.
  • The therapeutic potential of VR in mental health.
  • Real clinical cases from psychologists that use VR on a daily basis. 
  • Bibliography and FAQ.

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About the author:

Joan Miquel Gelabert

Psychologist and researcher expert in VR Therapy. MSc in Behavior Therapy. Professor at UIB University: Psychological Intervention Techniques. Scientific Director at Psious.

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With VR my patients got better faster and their compliance and cooperation were fantastic. Was a lot better than trying to get patients to use their imagination or do in vivo sessions which were timely and costly.”

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Dr. Howard Gurr

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